“Avenging Angels E.P.” out now

….Our new “Avenging Angels E.P.” is out now!

It features six brand new recordings and is (we feel) a huge leap forward for us.

You can purchase the E.P. on C.D. from www.musicbytenonsaw.com for €10
(including postage within Ireland, small extra
charges apply for delivery outside Ireland).


It is also available to download from Amazon (.com / .co.uk / .de / .it / .fr / .co.jp and others), iTunes (search for “Tenonsaw” in your own iTunes store for regional variations), and other on-line stores, and all Download versions including the one from our site include our previous single “After Each Dark” as a bonus track.  Also streaming on Spotify, Last.FM and others.

The E.P. opens with “Avenging Angels”, a trip-hop groove with a soaring middle 8, a song from the point of view of a character driven to murdering her lover and committing suicide, justifying herself to the Angels she sees coming to take her to judgement.  The video was filmed in our home studio (emptied for the day) and can be seen below:

The next song is called “The Chapel”, and is another story song from the point of view of a narrator driven to obsession, stalking the object of their unrequited desire.  This song was originally an acoustic folk-style song, and then became an alternative-country-ish track with driving guitars.  The version presented on the E.P. was originally prepared by Tom as a remix for a B-side, but we fell in love with the trance-y uptempo vibe and decided to release this as the main version.  The other versions are very likely to see the light of day at some point in the future.

“Skin” follows, a more personal song about the need for intimacy and understanding in a relationship, and opening up to your lover.  Beat-less and sparse with another glorious middle 8, this is Tenonsaw at our most vulnerable with a beautiful up-close vocal from Salt.

“Try To Sleep” is an up-beat Electro / Hip-Hop song with complex chord changes and Daft Punk influenced Synths, written by Tom late one night while Tenonsaw were apart in seperate countries.  The lyrics are direct and simple, and much of the music (especially the improvised coda) was recorded in single live takes to preserve the fresh and ragged feel.

The epic penultimate song “The Heat Will Fade” is next, a two-part song-suite describing an argument between lovers.  Musically the whole track is built on a single chord sequence played on guitar, with many layers of variation applied in sequence with different instruments with the song becoming more complex as it progresses.

Finally the E.P. closes with “Waves”, a re-recording of an old favourite.  This version is more reflective and at peace than previous versions, and brings the E.P. to a close with a swell of distortion, Salt’s expressive finger-style guitar and voice and orchestrated programming by Tom showing just what Tenonsaw are about in 2013.

Full lyrics, credits and some extra artwork taken from photos by Salt Eriksson are on display [here], the C.D. sleeve also includes a unique set of photographs by Salt, and don’t forget we have also recorded a video for “Waves” which you can view [here].

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it, and we’d love to hear any comments you may have.  Please feel free to use the [Contact] link above, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll hear lots more from us before the year is out….

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“Avenging Angels will carry us home….”

So finally we are pleased to confirm some details of the Avenging Angels E.P….

coverwithedgeThe E.P. will be out on the 25th of October, and will feature 6 songs:

1. Avenging Angels
2. The Chapel
3. Skin
4. Try To Sleep
5. The Heat Will Fade
6. Waves

It will be available as a C.D. and download, with the C.D. featuring photography by our own Salt Odelund and full lyrics in a sleeve designed by Thomas Luke.

The C.D. will be available only from our own www.musicbytenonsaw.com address where it will cost €10 including postage within Ireland.  Shipping outside Ireland is no problem, however there may be an additional (small) charge for this.  The download will cost €5 from this website.

The E.P. will also be available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, Last.fm and other on-line stores, and here our recent single “After Each Dark” will be included as a bonus track.

A double A-side single featuring two songs from the E.P. (The title track “Avenging Angels” and “Waves”) is available as a free download so you can get a small taste of the music in advance, click here to download the single, or listen to the songs using the player below:

Finally, we would just like to add that we are very pleased to be able to finally release some music that gets close to being the sound in our heads, and we hope that it means something to some of you.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say about the E.P. when it comes out on the 25th!

Enjoy the music!

Tom and Salt,


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