Come Live With Me

Sorry we’ve been away for a little while, “real life” got a bit crazy there for a while, but we’re back now!  A little news:

cover4mbWe will shortly be releasing our new single “The Drowned Forest”.

Artwork is shown on the left (click for full-size), and we will be confirming a release date as soon as the mixing and mastering is complete.

As usual the single will be available for free download, and there will be a limited number of CDs available for purchase for a reasonable price.  On the B-side will be a song called “Come Live With Me”, and you can hear this song RIGHT NOW using the player below.

It’s our cover of an old Roy Clark song, which was a number one hit in the USA in 1973, written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant (more famous for “Wake Up, Little Susie” and “Love Hurts”)……..For Camaty!

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….Merry Christmas!….

Season’s Greetings from Tenonsaw!

You can now download
our Christmas single

“All I Want (For Christmas) Is You”

for free from

The song is a combined cover of two songs:
Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
and U2’s “All I Want Is You”

It is available as a free-to-download
Double A-side single with
“Try To Sleep”
(taken from our “Avenging Angels E.P.”)

Listen to “All I Want (For Christmas) Is You” here now:

We hope you enjoy the music,
and the holiday season!

Merry Christmas from Tenonsaw!

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….Sleigh-bells ring….

….A little early perhaps, but in our studio at least the bells are ringing.  After all, you can’t have a Christmas Song without Sleigh-bells!  More in a few paragraphs >>>

First of all we’d like to welcome all the new fans who have joined us on Facebook and Twitter.  Nice to think so many people are enjoying what we do!

The response we have received to the “Avenging Angels E.P.” has been very gratifying to us.  We especially appreciate all the people who made an effort to get in touch with us and tell us what our music means to them, thank you all very much!

We have also been pleased to hear our music getting played regularly on the radio, particularly in the South-East.  Thanks to all the D.J.s who played “Avenging Angels” and “Waves” from the E.P.

Our latest video for “Avenging Angels” has done very well, with 3500+ views to date.  We also now have 300+ subscribers to our Youtube Channel.  Welcome and thanks to you all for watching!


Downloads and sales of the C.D. have also been going well, if you haven’t yet you can still order the C.D. from our store at, and the Download is available from there or from iTunes, Amazon or any other good on-line store.  Don’t forget you can also stream the E.P. on Spotify and

So what’s next for Tenonsaw?

We will be releasing another free Double A-side single shortly.  One of the two songs will be “Try To Sleep” taken from the “Avenging Angels E.P.” and we will be shooting a video for this song in the near future.

The other song will be a Christmas song, and we are working on the recording at present.  We’ll tell you more in a little while, but for now here are a couple of hints:  It’s actually two songs (both covers) combined into one song.  Both songs are quite well known.  They have quite similar titles.  Only one is a Christmas Song.

Answers on a postcard to the usual address please!  (Postcards still exist, right?)

Speaking of Christmas, if you’re looking for a nice Christmas present, you could do worse than visit, where a line of Tenonsaw T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise is now available.


We’ll be back with more news once we have finished recording our Christmas song, now back to those Sleigh-bells….

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