Knife In The Dark

So, slowly but surely I am starting to come back to the real world. Played the guitar for the first time post surgery the other day, and realised that even though my hands have lost their strength, they still remember complicated picking patterns, and how to play songs, which is nice to know. I can still not handle the electric, as it is a bit too heavy, and my neck is not up for actually having a guitar around my shoulders, but that will come I am sure.

Recorded vocals today for “Knife In The Dark”, a new song which may well be on the b-side of our next single. Sounding great!

Thank you for all your concern during the recent difficult times, I hope to get back in to the swing of things soon enough.


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1 Response to Knife In The Dark

  1. blindmen says:

    So glad that things went well and you are getting better. Can’t wait to write more blog posts on Meadowmusic. 🙂
    Love /Pär

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