A fan review

By Ken Ward, Sydney, Australia.

(sic erat scriptum)

“WOW! I love it – am SO impressed. It’s slick, it’s sharp and the clarity of sound is crystal. Well done to you both for the hard work, both creatively and in the hours of practice, recording and production you have put into this. My gut tells me this is getting close to where you both want to go with your music and I’m excited to hear what comes next.

Avenging Angels

I like that there’s a sparsity about the song.There’s a nakedness about it that’s confronting. It’s very unadorned and this will challenge listeners as there’s not a lot of clutter to distort the message.

The Chapel

Love the syncopation, the build of beats and the elements out of sync that all crash together perfectly following the lull into the chorus.  The high intensity electro vibe give the EP a whole other dimension, adds diversity and variety, satisfies a different need in me as a listener.  The lyrics ‘Stay as the wind blows / Stay as the wine flows’ – I love the paradox of staying still, taking in the moment, while the rest of the world around us change and move on by.


The transition into ‘Still I’m here…’ lifts like a visible thing.  And this precise moment, for me, is THE moment of the EP. This is where I got a glimpse of the amazing directions you can push your sound.  Hand in hand musically and lyrically this song goes to another place, all on it’s own on this EP.

Try to Sleep

This is the only song on the EP where another band came to mind. When the song hits the chorus I heard Depeche Mode. The mix of moniro notes and flat notes undermined the positive lyrics singing of ‘better times”.  Otherwise I don’t liken you to anyone. Influence don’t leap out and strangle me. They’re subtle and well intergrated. You don’t wear your many influences like badges on a denim jacket.

The Heat Will Fade

I love the use of the words ‘Tonight’ & ‘Given time…’ as repetitive devices to anchor the song and keep it firmly rooted in the sense of calm and ‘at peace with the situation’ the song has at heart. This is a great song to the EP. There’s a sense of resolution here. And the line that goes something like ‘we can’t be together / we can’t be apart’ at that time in the song, WOW. Beautiful.


The best composition and arrangement on the EP. Delicate and fragile – handle with care.  From the opening, the parallel and mirroring of the vocal & lyics (use of the words waves + water) with the underlying sound effect used really sets the scene. It ties the song together so that no part stands on its own. It’s a great signpost for how the rest of the EP with flow in terms of the synergy between the music and vocals/lyrics.  I’m a HUGE fan of the distortion note coming out of the chorus. Give the song a hint of menace, a harbinger of imending trouble and darkness.  This will sound stupid but the song sounds both simple and complex all the same time.

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