As I go deeper….

photoI was just looking over the footage from our recent video shoot today, and beginning to work on editing the video.  We have a final mix of the song and we’re just finishing the mastering process, so we hope to be able to confirm a release date for the single in the next few days.

Salt and I had a great time shooting the video in a wonderful location with an old abandoned building, some amazing wilderness and a cool swampy area.

Since the song is a sort of journey into wilderness, with a first person narrative describing a realization of the power and beauty of nature, we wanted to find somewhere where we could shoot a performance video in a place untouched by human hands, and yet be able to contrast this with photo(2)some shots filmed in a place where nature had reclaimed control.  This location gave us all of this, and more.

I was genuinely put in mind of the wild, over-grown Brazilian Rainforest that I was lucky enough to visit, and which inspired the song in the the first place.

We also used a GoPro for the first time, I haven’t got around to this footage yet so I hope it turned out alright!  We did have a great time messing around with it though, they are fantastic gadgets!

photo(3)We’ll have more news on the release date in the (very) near future, and all going well we’ll have the video ready well before the end of the month.

In the meantime at the end of this post there’s a couple of moody shots I took of the raw video footage as my computer was struggling to process the files.

We hope you all enjoy the results once we are finished, and we look forward to hearing what our fans make of this new song, a little bit of a departure for Tenonsaw.

All the best!  Tom.


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