2015 news

So, just a quick update:

Life has been a little hectic for us and as a result we’ve pretty much had to take 2015 off, away from music (or at least away from public music-making).  We have not been completely idle however!

The big news is that when we could find the time we’ve been working on Salt’s solo album, and we are now 90% done with the 12 songs that will be on that album.  We will be confirming the title and more details as soon as we can.  You can expect to hear some of the songs very soon indeed!

First of all, instead of our usual Christmas single, you will instead be getting Salt’s debut solo single, “Magic (Supposed To Grow)”.  The song will be available for free download in the next few days, with a video to come on our Youtube channel as well.

After that you can expect an EP of material from the album in the New Year, with a series of videos to build up to the album’s release.  All dates to be confirmed as yet, but we can reveal that instead of the previous method of releasing material with a long build-up, you can expect less fanfare and more things getting released as soon as they are done.

Best wishes for the holiday season!

Tom and Salt.

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