ASKOF / Sweet Little Mystery

Double-A-side Single released February 2012, CD and Download – available [here]

2 – Sweet Little Mystery

Empathy is nothing if you haven’t got the words
Silence is golden in this cold and dirty world
Abandoned soldiers keep on fighting
Are we winning?
Do we even care?

Absolute solution gives us all the space to sin
Absolution seeks out those with the strength left to win
New converts for the creator
Let the little children come onto me

I have searched through all the channels
Divinity the one thing un-found
I’ve been bored in all the chat-rooms
Never heard a dissenting sound

If I was a little stronger
Safer in this cell of mine
I’d denounce your dullest doctrine
Condemn your sin the same as mine

Culture crowds out my cries
Curses light as lies

“Sweet Little Mystery” written by John Martyn,
performed and arranged by Tenonsaw

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