Avenging Angels / Waves

Double A-side Single released September 2013, Download only – available [here]

1 – Avenging Angels
2 – Waves

When you’re alone
Darkness stalks the halls
Where in brighter times we used to dance

My love you see
You were the brightest light, the brightest light of all
And now you’ve stolen everything you must fall

I will follow you
As soon as I find the strength

As our blood spreads
Through the carpet by the bed
I see our lives entwined
As never before

My final gift to you
My love
My light

Fly with me into the light
Together you and I will find the light
Here come the angels to guide us home
Avenging Angels will carry us home

And when the judgement comes I will hold my head up high
I’ve taken nothing but recompense for a lie

I close the blinds on you
My love
My light

Waves of cool water
Wash away my tears
As I lie hidden
Entombed beneath my fears
I watch the perfect fly fearlessly
Into your perfect present, future and past

Though I am broken you surround me tirelessly
Helping me see that you see me as something worth love


The sky blackens
And breath burns in my throat
I lie speechless
A life reduced to rote
Why am I alone now?
Where are the perfect now?
How can it get any worse?


Though I doubt you now I know that you doubt me not
Helping me see that you see me as always worth love

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