Recording, recording, recording

So, we finally got our new keyboard delivered! It’s an M-Audio Prokeys 88, and it is now my new favourite toy!

We are using keyboards on many of the songs for our new album, and it is wonderful to finally have a full length piano with weighted keys to give the songs the credit they deserve!

The album is sounding quite different from what we have done previously, with a couple of instrumental songs to tie the other songs together. We have played some of the songs live before, like “Radio Speaks” and “The Dawn”, but we haven’t had any previous recordings of these, and the songs are changing quite a lot as we are recording them. They have become both more and less complex, and it is exciting to see how a song can grow and change so much during the recording process.

We love the sound of instrumentals like “Midnight”, and feel that it really contributes to the special atmosphere that we want this album to encapsulate.

More updates to come soon!


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