So, for the last couple of weeks, whilst beeing cooped up at home after my operation for Chiari Malformation, I have been working on drawings for our new album. It has been an exciting process, that has taught me a lot about myself as an artist.

All the songs in this album are part of the one story, a story about hurt, powerlessness, and newly found strength. The story encapsulates how you can find power deep within yourself, at a point when you think you are on the brink of crumbling under the weight of the world.

So from the start I have had a very clear idea of what I’ve wanted to do when it comes to artwork for this album, which has turned out to be a bit of an obsticle, due to the way I usually approach drawing.

I have been drawing my whole life.
When I was younger, it was on the bus, in my bedroom at night when I couldn’t sleep, or during a “not so interesting” lecture in school. It was something that I did to occupy my mind, to bring me in to this imaginary world that was my own, where no-one else was welcome.

The last few years however, it has become something different, something that is still very much tied in to emotion, but emotions that I feel no need in hiding, as I did when I was younger. I usually find myself drawing when I am upset, angry, confused, or stressed out.

Drawing has become like therapy, something that always encapsulates a true emotion at a moment in time. I often don’t know what I am drawing until it’s there on the paper, and even then, I often end up turning the page upside down before I find out what it is I’ve actually drawn.

Because of this, it has been challenging to create this artwork. I have known what I have wanted to draw before starting, which has lead to me having no clue how to actually begin drawing!

As it turns out, this has been a great way for me to challenge myself, and to create something that is different, and I really look forward to putting it out there, to see what you all think!

We’re still recording the songs, and hope the album itself will be out in the summer!

In the meantime, we are planning to release one more single from “Beginnings” soon. The single is called “Disappear”, and we’ll be doing a video for it in the next few weeks, which will be exciting!


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