Tenonsaw on 2FM

Today has been an exciting day for us!

Back in February (shortly before Salt’s operation) we were asked to record a live session for Dan Hegarty‘s show on RTE 2FM, and now the results are being aired!!

When we were asked to do the 2FM session, we were of course very excited, and it could not have happened at a better time. We knew we would be unable to do something like this for a long time after Salt’s operation, so the fact that we were able to squeeze it in just before the big day was a great relief!

The day of recording started in the early morning, when we gathered our gear to go down to Cork to the 2FM studio. We had had our single launch for “ASKOF / Sweet Little Mystery” the day before, and were still in that excited mindframe that you get into when performing your songs to an audience. We were really looking forward to a full day of working on music!

We ended up recording four songs, live in the studio, which was a new experience for us as we had not recorded live in a proper recording studio before.

The songs we recorded were:
* Waves
* Saviour
* Pact

“Waves” is a new song that has been changing for a little while. The version we are playing now features Tom on keyboards and guitar, and Salt on electric guitar and vocals, with a programmed drumbeat. We’re looking forward to recording this song again in some shape or form in the future, possibly for an album.

“Saviour” is a song that we’ve been playing for a long time, and we usually play this song to open our gigs. In Dan Hegarty’s set list for today, he followed “Saviour” with a Bob Marley song, which we though was interesting, as “Saviour” is kind of an attempt by us to do a Dub song, or a slow Reggae song.

“ASKOF” is our most recent single, taken from “Beginnings“. It is a song that tends to stand out, as it is more upbeat than most of our songs. You can view the video along with the original recorded version here.

Pact was our first single, also taken from “Beginnings“. It was also the first music video we made, which you can view here.

You can listen to the whole programme here, our songs are played at the following times:  “Waves” at 32 minutes, “Saviour” at 49, “ASKOF” at 1 hour 14 minutes and “Pact” at 1 hour 48 minutes.  The full playlist for Dan’s show is here, and the show will be broadcast tonight on RTE 2FM National Radio, from 11pm Irish time.

We would like to thank Dan for having us on the show, and of course the wonderful Niall O’Sullivan, who was our producer and engineer on the day (and who gave us great support and advice). Lets not forget our manager Alex Millar, who was in charge of moral support, teas and coffees, and furniture repair!

Tom and Salt

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