After, and before….

First of all, we would like to give a big “Thank You!” to all our fans who have made “After Each Dark” such a success.  We have been blown away by the positive reaction to the song, and thanks in particular to those who have been in touch with such nice words!

Video Still 4The most obvious success of “After Each Dark” is the performance of the video on Youtube, where it has received more than 2000 views in less than a month.

Our Tenonsawband Youtube channel also now has more than 200 subscribers, so thank you all for watching!

“After Each Dark” has received some airplay on the radio in Ireland, mostly on regional stations.  Thanks to all the radio DJs who have played it, sorry if we lost track and failed to thank each one of you individually!

Video Still 2A special mention at this point must go to Claire Regan on CRY 104FM who has been a champion of Tenonsaw since the early days, and whose “Rebel Revolutions” cloudcasts are well worth a listen if you’re interested in hearing the best new music from Cork.  Keep up the good work Claire!

Downloads of “After Each Dark” from have also been going very well, exceeding our expectations, and we are happy to think of you all listening to our music whenever and wherever you wish.

Video Still 1We have also been very pleased to see all the new Likes on our Facebook page, clearly the word is getting out.  We are now fast approaching 500 Likes.  We would like to welcome our new fans, and hope you follow us into the future……..

……..Speaking of which, we are happy to say that we are working on our next release.

In the near future (watch this space) we will be releasing an E.P. of five songs taken from the recordings sessions for “The Storm”.  We have not finalised which other songs will be on the E.P. yet, but at the moment it looks as though the title track and first song will be “Avenging Angels”.  We’ll let you have more news soon, as soon as there is news….

For now, thanks again, and enjoy the music of life!

portraitTom and Salt,


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