“Waves” coming soon….

So, we are finally able to give some news about our new material….

The “Avenging Angels” E.P. is nearly finished.  At present we are at the mastering stage, and just have a few fine details to fix.  We’ll have another post up on the E.P. as soon as we are happy with the final mixes and have the masters in hand.  One thing we can confirm is that the E.P. will now contain 6 songs rather than 5 as previously intended.

This is because we were doing a new version of “Waves” for the B-side of the first single, and we were very pleased with how it came out.  We therefore decided to add the song to the E.P. and shoot a quick and easy video to use it as a an appetiser for the E.P.

So last weekend, we went up into the Comeragh Mountains to shoot a video.  We have visited the Mahon Falls (the source of the Mahon River) on some of our easier mountain walks, and knew that there were some nice settings there for a video if the weather held good.  This time we remembered the water and the snacks!

We were very lucky with the light and the weather, and we were pleased to shoot a video in the open air for once.  This may be the start of a new trend for us.

“Waves” is a gentler, softer song now.  A previous incarnation from “Radio Waves” (our live recording for 2FM) was an electric affair driven by a sampled beat (hear it here), but now we wanted a location to reflect the song’s grace and flowing acoustic rhythm with some old stone and running water.  The next picture shows the place we chose:

It was a joy to be in an area of natural beauty, setting pictures to a song that has been special to us both for some time, and knowing that very soon we can share a vibrant and exciting recording of this song with our fans.  Our new recordings for the E.P. (and the album to come) are the best we have done yet, and we are very excited to hear what you all have to say.

The video for “Waves” will hopefully be up on our YouTube channel sometime next week, and our current plan is to release “Waves” as a free-to-download double A-side single along with “Avenging Angels” in the next week or two.  We’ll be doing a promotional CD featuring the two songs to mail out to radio stations as well so keep your ears open….

More news will be posted here and on our Twitter and Facebook as soon as we have any.

All the best!

Tom and Salt,


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